Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Picasso Story, Berlin

We just spent a week in Berlin for Fall Break, the first school holiday for our family. We go to Berlin three times a year on average and when we go to Berlin we like to visit as many museums as possible with our son. He is only six years old, so we need to go to kid friendly museums. The first day we were there we stopped by The Picasso Story which is a permanent exhibit of the photographer Edward Quinn who took . It was a small exhibition, but kid friendly, making it a winner in my book. Christian and I got to see the work of Quinn and Picasso and Julian learned a little and had fun. I call it "home schooling" for fun.

This was a wall in the exhibition where you could leave a few thoughts behind after getting inspired by Picasso's peace doves. 

Julian and I left our mark using one of the dove Post-it notes.

Cool idea. Peace!

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