Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day trip to Sweden

 Krapperup Slot, slot means castle.


 Signs of Spring at the castle
  Lunch at castle. Tasted as fantastic as it looks!
 On the way to Mölle

 Mölle Harbor
 Swedish clogs
 The best Apple juice ever!!! From Höganäs.
The Grand Hotel, Mölle, Sweden.

We ended the day by shopping as every store in Denmark was closed that Thursday for Easter. The parking lots were filled with Danish cars everywhere we went. 

Vision Book meeting 7 & project 9

We started off our Vision Book meeting by each of us making a weaving.
First, we each filled a paper with color from pastels, cut them into strips, and we traded strips to make a unique piece symbolizing how our uniqueness is woven into the community. Our kids joined in too seeing that it was Easter break and they were home from school. This was fun to do with grownups and kids!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project #8 - Picasso inspired collage painting

All students began with a stack of the same papers.
We made a collage inspired by the Picasso work we discussed in the gallery.
The final result, a painting after the collage we made.

Spring project - International Folkebåd Facelift - Day 3

We only got a little scraping done on Monday after work. I like the combination of colors here. Our project has been delayed the past few days because of the cold and rainy weather.

The Power of Words - The importance of visual communication

I'm reposting this from a friend on Facebook. It's a short film showing the importance of choosing your words wisely. The Power of Words

Monday, April 11, 2011

sushi art

This is inspiring me to make sushi for dinner

Spring project - International Folkebåd Facelift - Day 2

 Angry Swan hissing at me.
 Kayakers (Sweden is in the far background)


The scraping continued on Sunday. The weather was extremely beautiful, the leaves are budding, the air was warm, and people came out of hiding to stroll around the harbor with an ice cream.

Spring project - International Folkebåd Facelift - Day 1

This is our first day working on the boat to get it summer ready. It's been up on land during the icy winter. Saturday we took off the cover and stated scraping off layers of paint on the hull all the way back to the original color from the 1970's. We are giving the boat a little makeover this year. The boat was designed in 1967, it's a classic Scandinavian sailboat, folkebåd (peoples boat), kind of like volkswagen beetle of boats. Well this is only day one of many. The boat goes into the water at the end of April, then it's officially summer sailing season for us.  


We are almost finish with our Vision Book course. This weeks petal is turquoise symbolizing balance, challenge, personal growth, and expansion. Sounds like we'll be busy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project #6 Seafood Still Life

Last nights project was inspired by Picasso's seafood still lifes. We were required to use a lobster in our work that was drawn down in the exhibition and collaged onto the canvas. The red lobster is a great contrast with the cool colors in the paintings.

The sea still life was often used when Picasso lived in the South of France. Fresh fish and lobster was readily available unlike in other areas of post war Europe where people were starving.

The lobster and cats (in the still lifes from 1962) were symbols of USA and Cuba at the Cuban missile crisis.

David Hockney

This exhibit opens in two days. I wonder if it will be a room filled with iPads on the wall. Looking forward to seeing this. Also looking forward to one day having my own iPad. Sigh.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Picasso Head

A fun Picasso website. In relation to my course at Louisiana Museum.


Green is a keyword this week in my Vision Book course by Amber Holmblad. To me green can symbolize many different things like go, money, eco friendly, spring, new, leaves, grass, bio, nature, fairies, jealousy, young.