Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Me Draw On iPad" David Hockney

My friend Linda is an artist on canvas as well as iPad and jewelry and bikini designer, is visiting next week and I'll have to take her to see this exhibit. It was everything I thought it might be when I saw the poster. I thought, are they going to hang a bunch of iPad's around the walls in the museum. They did. And the fun part they use the play back feature, so you can see all the steps and thought process Hockney uses while drawing. The exhibit is intimate, a small, darkened room, and you have to stand quite close to the iPads while they are on a slide show of drawings.

These are two sketches I made while sitting on an airplane with my iPhone trying to distract myself from the heavy turbulence. Simple and guadeloupe inspired.

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  1. I am so excited now. Can't wait. Brushes is a great app, but i also heavily recommend omni sketch. Fun app, that gives you a little help in a ok way.
    See ya next week