Thursday, November 18, 2010

Archiving your children's art

I have a six year old son who LOVES to draw. He is at school right now and my husband is scanning a gigantic pile of his latest work. We have to weed through some of it today before the piles get out of hand and before he gets home. Here are some ideas on what you can do with your children's art projects.

1. Scan the drawings, pick a couple favorites to keep, send the rest to family living far away. We are keeping these this week. I'll send some of the others to my parents in the States the others may end in the circular file. The scanned drawings can also be used as a screensaver. We have Apple TV, and like to listen to music while looking at our own homemade screensavers when friends come by.

surfing scene

I love these reindeer, might become a Christmas card


2. Frame it. Below is my son's first figure drawing and it happened to be of Wall-E.

3. Keep chosen artwork in a portfolio book. I like to use these spiral bound, plastic pocket, filing books from Ordning & Reda in Sweden. 
Here is their online shop Ordning & Reda

4. Have your child give drawings as gifts. 

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